Welcome to TWoG2, The World of Gary Gates.

I am Gary, and if I had to pick a label for my professional self, it’d probably be ‘Jack of ALL THE TRADES!‘ but I don’t think that’d fit neatly on a business card. I do a whole bunch of digital art related stuff, but if I had to pick one that I prefer it’d be 3D Artist. However, just about anything you want done when it comes to digital media/graphics/art…I can do.

Besides being a Digital Ninja, I am also a huge gamer, less than part-time (as in very rarely) writer/blogger (the second of which I hope to graduate from rarely to at least part-time), father to 3 amazing little clones, and husband to an awesome wife. I also speak meme pretty fluently, which depending on who you are is great or just silly. Either way, ‘C’est la Vie’…maybe ‘When in Rome?’ Whatever floats your boat.

Take a look at the links above to get more familiar with myself and my world.